Power Stick Golf Distance Training Aid - Increase Swing Speed and Develop Lag for More Power

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*Please only use the Power Stick in a safe environment (e.g., driving range)

Key Features

  • ADJUSTABLE POWER BULLET: This powerful feature allows you to customer the Power Stick golf swing speed training aid to your particular swing. With 5 adjustable speed zone settings, golfers of all swing speeds and distances can maximize their training with the Power Stick!
  • CUSTOM FORMED TRAINING GRIP: Your grip is a vital part of your golf swing. This feature will ensure you grip the Power Stick golf swing trainer correctly every single time.
  • LIGHT & FLEXIBLE SHAFT: This will help you with the rhythm and timing in your golf swing. After just a few swings of the Power Stick, you will start to see your rhythm and timing improve almost immediately!
  • INCREASE SWING SPEED & INCREASE LAG: Creating more lag in your swing will create a faster swing speed, resulting in longer drives. The Power Stick golf swing trainer will show you exactly how to do that. With just 20 swings a day, you can easily add 20 extra yards to your tee shots.
  • HOW THE POWER STICK WORKS: The Power Stick package will include an instruction manual as well as a link to an instructional video explaining how to use the Power Stick effectively and efficiently!

Product Description

With this training aid, you can quickly and easily add 20 extra yards to your tee shots for a LOT less than what you would pay for a golf lesson or even a new driver. This training aid will help you increase your swing speed, resulting in longer drives and shorter approach shots to the green.

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