Power Stick Golf Distance Training Aid Review

Power Stick Golf Distance Training Aid Review

By GBB Staff


Have you ever met a golfer who wasn’t interested in hitting the ball farther?  Neither have I. Added distance is the Holy Grail for everyone who plays the game, and golfers will do almost anything to find it.

They’ll spend a small fortune on new clubs, year after year, believing all those self-serving claims by the manufacturers that their latest driver is (once again) the magic wand that will give them 10-20 extra yards. Eventually, though, golfers usually find that the answer didn’t lie in that expensive new club.

The truth of the matter is that the place to look in your quest for distance is not at your equipment, but rather at your swing. Having the right equipment is definitely important, but having an effective swing is more important...one that has good rhythm and sequencing, and a properly timed release. 

But everyone wants to swing faster. The trick is learning how to swing faster.

The Search for Speed

So I set out on a mission to find out exactly how to increase swing speed. There are many elements that contribute to generating speed (being fit, being flexible, etc.) but there are three that are common denominators in the swings of all big hitters: having good timing and rhythm, having “lag” in the golf swing, and having the release occur at the optimal point in the swing. These are the key ingredients in the swing speed recipe.

But I also came to another realization: that an “academic” understanding of swing speed is one thing, but transmitting that from your brain to your golf swing is another thing altogether.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a swing aid that could teach you how to do that? A tool that not only shows you how to generate that timing, lag and release, but which “programs” your muscle memory to make that motion repeatable? 

I Found That in the Power Stick

There are literally hundreds of swing aids on the market, but the subset of ones that actually work and which are truly worth the investment is pretty small. I’m excited to tell you that the Power Stick Distance Trainer is one of them. 

Like nothing else I’ve been able to find, the Power Stick actually unlocks the mysteries of how to add swing speed. It has a simple but ingenious design that ingrains all of the right movements that result in a properly sequenced swing, and an immediate feedback mechanism that tells you if you’re doing it correctly.

How Does the Power Stick Work?

The Power Stick is a swing training aid that resembles a golf club so that you’re able to simulate a real golf swing with it. It’s about the length of a standard driver and has an ultra-flexible shaft that swings like a regular golf club.

About halfway down the shaft is a two-piece component that is oblong-shaped.  The upper part of this component, called the Force Adjustable Magnet, is stationary and contains a five-setting adjustable dial. These five optional settings allow you to customize the device based on your individual swing speed. The slower your swing, the lower the setting should be. But as your swing speed increases, you can adjust that dial to a higher setting so that it’s in the right position to maximize your training.

The bottom part of this component is movable, but is attached magnetically to the upper part. It’s called the Speed Bullet. The Speed Bullet is the real secret behind the entire Power Stick design. Here’s how it functions:

When you take your backswing, the Speed Bullet stays in place, still attached to the upper piece. It also remains attached as you make your downswing...all the way until you release your wrists

As soon as you release, regardless of where in the downswing you do that, the Speed Bullet breaks away and slides down the shaft.  When you hit maximum velocity, it hits the stopper at the bottom and you hear a loud crack (like the sound of a club hitting a ball).

Here’s the important thing about this, though: You want that crack -- that moment of maximum speed -- to come at (or just slightly after) impact. If you hear that sound before impact, somewhere behind the ball, you know that you’re releasing the club too soon .... and costing yourself a lot of distance.

With the Speed Bullet giving you immediate audio feedback, revealing when and where your release is taking place, it’s not difficult to fine tune your swing to hold your release a fraction longer so that the crack occurs at the ball and not before. Without the Speed Bullet you’d be guessing at when you’re actually releasing the club. With it, you know precisely when it’s happening.

A Molded Grip, Too

One of the fundamentals of the golf swing is having your hands on the club in the proper fashion. Having a sound grip is crucial to having a sound swing.  When the hands are placed on the club incorrectly, in either a too-weak or a too-strong position, it makes it much more difficult to deliver the club head square to your target line. 

As a result, if the club face is not square at impact, you’re far more likely to produce side-spin on the ball, resulting in either a slice or a hook. So the importance of having a proper grip can’t be understated when it comes to maximizing distance.

The makers of the Power Stick took this into consideration, too, by furnishing it with a molded golf grip. This grip is formed in such a way that it forces you to put your hands and fingers on the club in exactly the right position. You learn instantly what a proper grip feels like and you’ll see how this ideal hand positioning makes it easier to square the club head.

20 Swings a Day Is All it Takes

There’s a well-known scientific concept in how people learn that is called “little and often.” Neuroscience research suggests that one of the most effective ways to learn involves a mix of short frequent sessions spaced apart with 'down-time' in between. The theory goes that the brain encodes memory more effectively and deeply when it handles little chunks with a rest in between.

This concept applies to the Power Stick and is one of the main reasons that you don’t need to spend hours every day trying to perfect this delayed swing release. The effectiveness of the audio feedback is remarkable. 

So, using this “little and often” learning technique, you’ll be able to retrain your muscles so that you’ll be able to repeatedly optimize your swing timing in about 5 minutes a day, or with about 20 swings a day.

Lag is Crucial for Distance

I mentioned above the importance of creating lag in your downswing as a vital part of creating distance. If you were to study the swings of golf’s biggest hitters, you’d see that they all have a great deal of lag in their swings. But not many amateur golfers really understand what lag is and why it generates distance.

Basically, lag in a swing happens when the wrists remain in a cocked position during the downswing, causing the clubhead to lag well behind the hands. This prolonged cocking of the wrists on the downswing serves to delay the release of the club, which creates a tremendous amount of stored energy that is then powerfully unleashed at impact.  

The opposite of lag, and the hallmark of most high handicap amateurs, occurs when the player prematurely uncocks his wrists in the downswing, in a distance-robbing move called “casting.” When this happens, that stored energy is released well before impact, not at impact, resulting in a big loss of distance.

Without something like the Power Stick, trying to increase the amount of lag in your swing is an extremely difficult change to make and is almost never successful. But with the Power Stick, the addition of lag is something that happens automatically, without you having to think about it. 

Simply by focusing on where the audio crack is happening in the swing, and making sure that it doesn’t occur until impact, you’ll naturally be adding lag as a byproduct, without even trying to.

Hopefully you’re beginning to see why using the Power Stick for just about 20 swings a day can potentially add up to 20 yards to your drives.

Let’s Review the Benefits of the Power Stick

Like I said previously, the Power Stick is one of the most effective swing aids I’ve ever used.  All you need to do is to focus on making that audio crack occur a little bit later in the downswing, at or just after impact, and you’ll be teaching your body to make the right moves that result in a faster swing and more distance.

Here’s a summary of the many benefits you’ll get from this unique swing aid:

  • Improved tempo and rhythm
  • Learning the correct grip
  • Help in feeling a proper release
  • Learning how to incorporate lag in your swing

If you’re like most golfers who feel that finding as much as 20 more yards would make the game a lot easier (and a lot more fun), you really should consider getting the Power Stick. I’ve tried all kinds of swing aids over the years and very few are as effective as this one is in fulfilling the promise they make in their advertising. The Power Stick is the real deal.

Visit the Power Stick Product Page for more info.

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