Speed System Golf 460CC Titanium Driver - Guaranteed to Add Distance to Your Drives!

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Key Features:

  • ADD 21+ YARDS: This driver-tee-ball combination added an average of 21+ yards during testing conducted by Golf Laboratories. The test was conducted with amateur golfers using the Speed System driver compared to their own name-brand drivers.
  • LIGHTER = FASTER, FASTER = LONGER: This super lightweight titanium driver weighs 15-20% less than the competition. The only way to get this light and perform this well is to use ultra-premium materials. The graphite shafts average about 55g, and the grips average about 30g, depending on which Speed driver you choose.
  • SPEED ZONES: 4 different Speed drivers to choose from depending on which Speed Zone you fall into, and this depends on your current driver distance or current driver swing speed. Each Speed driver was specifically engineered for YOU.
    • SPEED BLACK = 225 to 255yds, 90-99mph swing speed.
    • SPEED BLUE = 195 - 224yds, 80-89mph swing speed.
    • SPEED GOLD = 165 - 195yds, 70-79mph swing speed.
    • SPEED SILVER = 172yds or less, 72mph & below swing speed.
  • BONUS: TOUR GRADE GOLF BALLS: Dozen premium golf balls
  • BONUSSPRING-LOADED TEES: Minimizes club head resistance at impact. This combined with less surface friction reduced spin leading to more distance. The Speed tees tested 2.1 yards longer than a standard tee.
  • Conforms to USGA Rules of Golf

Product Description:

Do you hit your driver 260 yards or longer in the air? No? Is your driver swing speed over 100 mph? No? Don’t feel bad, you’re like over 90% of all golfers out there. So why are you playing with a driver that is designed for Tour Players who average over 290 yards and 115 mph with their drivers? That’s right. Big name manufacturers develop the driver you probably have in your bag specifically for Tour Pros…then add loft and a softer shaft.

But FINALLY, a solution for the 90%+ of golfers out there. Something created and built, right from the start, just for golfers like you! And it's not just a club. This is an entire, highly engineered system that has been built to maximize distance, accuracy and consistency for your specific swing speed, not a pro's swing. YOU’LL IMMEDIATELY GET A PROVEN 20 MORE YARDS OFF THE TEE, EFFORTLESSLY! And with different options to choose from, there's a system that specifically matches YOUR GAME.

And if you don't get the results promised within 30 days, return it for a full refund.

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