Precise M5 Men's All Graphite Senior Complete Golf Clubs Package Set (A Flex Shafts)

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Set Includes:

  • 460cc Driver
  • #3 Fairway Wood
  • 21* Hybrid Wood
  • 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW Stainless Irons
  • Putter
  • Deluxe Stand Bag
  • 3 Headcovers

Key Features:

  • 460cc driver for extensive distance and forgiveness
  • Oversized clubheads for maximum forgiveness
  • Great aiming mechanism putter
  • Deluxe stand bag with spacious pockets and matching head covers
  • All-graphite A flex shafts (Driver/Woods/Irons): ~40% lighter than steel shafts, making it more flexible and easier to swing

Product Description:

Whether you're a beginner, an avid golfer, or if you can only get out to the course a few times per year, the Precise M5 men's club set is the perfect choice. The oversized clubheads are user-friendly and the off-set allows the beginning to intermediate golfer to get the ball in the air easier. Not only will this set improve your game, but it looks stylish as well!