Aspire PRO-X Mens 19-Piece Complete Golf Club Set Review

Aspire PRO-X Mens 19-Piece Complete Golf Club Set Review

By GBB Staff


If you’ve shopped for new brand name golf clubs recently, you probably experienced a little sticker shock when you saw the total price for a full set of woods and irons. Like almost everything else, golf clubs have risen steadily in cost over the years and it’s not at all uncommon nowadays to end up paying more than $1,000 for the full complement of clubs, and a whole lot more than that for those intent on sticking with brands from the big-name manufacturers.

Shopping “a la carte” for clubs has traditionally been the norm for golfers (i.e., searching for and buying a set of irons from one manufacturer, then searching for and buying a driver from another, followed by the same process for fairway woods, hybrids, wedges and a putter). It can be a time-consuming process. But you can also see how quickly the total price can add up this way when you consider that a new, brand name driver, for example, can cost $400-$500 dollars all by itself.

Many golfers will justify paying these kinds of prices based on the assumption that this is the only way to guarantee that they’ll be getting high quality clubs. But that’s not necessarily true...

You Don’t Need to Spend a Fortune to Get Quality Clubs

Instead of going the usual a la carte route when shopping for a new set, there’s a better way for those who don’t want to break the bank, but who also don’t want to sacrifice on quality.

Aspire has announced a complete, pre-packaged set of extremely high quality clubs that includes absolutely everything you’ll need. Woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, a putter, and yes, even a top notch stand golf bag come included in this comprehensive 19-piece set.

Introducing the Aspire PRO-X 19-Piece Complete Set

The PRO-X set from Aspire is unique among the complete, pre-packaged sets that are available on the market. Usually, the makers of competing complete sets get half the equation right: they often sell at an attractive price point, but to do so, they compromise by providing clubs that aren’t necessarily of the highest quality or which don’t include the latest in golf club technology.

Aspire’s PRO-X set, on the other hand, is not only available at a price that is extremely attractive and affordable, but it includes advanced technology and features that are usually only found in the top-line clubs from the major manufacturers. This is a premium, high quality set that is built to last.

Two Options to Customize Club Length

One thing that is very rare in complete set offerings is the ability to choose “customized” club lengths. Usually, they are “one size fits all.” The Aspire PRO-X set, by contrast, is available in two variations: people below 6’1” will choose the Regular length set, while those above 6’1” can opt for the Tall set, which is one inch longer. This extra length option that is unique to this Aspire complete set, allows the taller player to assume a proper stance and posture, and to avoid the problems that are associated with having to bend too far forward at address due to ill-fitted clubs.

Set Composition. Everything You’ll Need

One of the most attractive features of the PRO-X set is just how comprehensive it is. Everything from the driver down through the putter is included. They even include a high-end golf stand bag.

When comparing the components of the PRO-X set with the components of competitive offerings, there are a couple of notable differences that you should be aware of:

  • First, the set contains 3 hybrids. This is a huge plus for golfers. Most complete sets include just 1 or maybe 2. Those who occasionally struggle to hit the long irons will appreciate having three easier-to-hit hybrids to replace those long irons. Hybrids are much more forgiving and will launch the ball much higher for you.
  • Another important, and unique, addition to the set is a Sand Wedge. The highest lofted club in most other complete sets is a pitching wedge. Having a sand wedge included as part of the package is a nice bonus for golfers.
The packaging of the Aspire PRO-X set includes the following items:
  • 460cc 10.5* Titanium Driver
  • #3 Fairway Wood
  • #3, #4, #5 Hybrid Woods
  • 6-SW Irons (6, 7, 8, 9, Pitching Wedge, Sand Wedge)
  • Mallet Putter
  • Stand Bag + Rain Hood
  • 5 Headcovers

A Closer Look

Let’s take a little closer look at why Aspire’s PRO-X set is considered a premium, high-end model.


One of the most important features of modern, high-end drivers is the ability to provide forgiveness on off-center hits. It used to be that a hit out toward the toe or in toward the heel would result in a considerable loss of distance and accuracy. But with today’s technological enhancements found on better equipment, which the PRO-X driver incorporates, those mis-hits are no longer punished the way they used to be. As a result, shots that miss the sweet spot are still rewarded with good results. The technical name for this feature is Moment of Inertia (MOI). The higher the MOI, the more resistant the club face is to twisting on mishits, and the better the results. The PRO-X driver’s high MOI will save you significant yardage on those occasional mishits.

Another important technology feature in the PRO-X driver is the strategic placement of the club head’s Center of Gravity (COG). Modern club engineers have learned that, by placing the COG low in the head and oriented toward the rear of the club, they can optimize the launch conditions of the shot. What that means is that you will see a higher ball flight, which then translates into added distance.

And, finally, there have been significant improvements in the aerodynamics of the PRO-X driver head. The head shape has been engineered and streamlined to reduce the effects of air pressure and drag during the swing. The net result: more club head speed. As the laws of physics suggest, if you improve the speed at which the club moves through the air, you will create more distance on the drive. And we’d all like a few more yards on our drives, right?

Fairway Wood

The 3-wood that is included in the set, like the driver, is designed to provide an optimized, higher trajectory. With stainless steel head construction, and a premium, low kick-point graphite shaft, this fairway wood will get the ball up into the air easily. Many golfers have difficulty getting the launch they’d like with their fairway woods. That will no longer be a problem with the PRO-X fairway woods.


As mentioned above, the PRO-X set is unique among complete-set offerings in that it includes three hybrids. Long irons are notoriously hard for many golfers to hit effectively, and this set capitalizes on the current trend of substituting much-easier-to-hit, and much higher-launching hybrids in their place. In this case, Aspire gives you not just a 3- and a 4-iron replacement, but a 5-iron replacement as well.

These Aspire PRO-X hybrids are so much easier to hit than those long irons, which will give you a whole new level of confidence in the low end of your bag.


In describing the PRO-X driver, we talked about the engineering focus that was placed on delivering high-end features like a high Moment of Inertia for extra forgiveness, and on the strategic placement of the Center of Gravity for an optimized launch. Well, both of those tech enhancements are incorporated into the PRO-X irons as well.

Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, these irons will be very forgiving whenever you miss the sweet spot of the clubface. The MOI is enhanced by a design that places weight around the perimeter of the club head. Perimeter weighting effectively enlarges the sweet spot and provides a performance boost on off-center hits.

The low Center of Gravity on the irons will also help to achieve the high trajectories that most golfers seek. That design helps add to overall distance and means that shots will land softer when they hit the green.


Even with the beautiful mallet putter that comes with the set, Aspire has targeted forgiveness as a design feature. The Moment-of-Inertia (MOI) that is so important to forgiveness on the other clubs is just as important, and maybe even more so, on the putter. The single most important factor in hitting solid, straight putts that roll end-over-end, is striking the ball on the sweet spot of the putter face. A slight miss on center-face contact can easily cause a putt to roll off-line.

Because of the shape and mass of the mallet design, the effects of these types of mis-hits are minimized. The PRO-X putter uses a high MOI to provide forgiveness on off-center contact. Even if you aren’t always pure with your contact, the PRO-X putter will respond as if you had been. Result: more putts made.


If you’re interested in a new set of high-quality golf clubs, but aren’t interested in paying the exorbitant prices that often accompany them, the Aspire PRO-X 19-piece compete set could very well be the ideal solution for you.

We were extremely impressed with the level of quality that’s gone into these clubs, and even more impressed with the state-of-the-art technology and materials. This is a set that will appeal to different levels of golfers: experienced, skilled golfers will love the advanced features and the noticeable quality. Newer golfers will love the one-stop-shopping aspect of getting everything they’ll need in one pre-packaged set, and they’ll appreciate the wallet-friendly cost.

This set is a departure from the norm when it comes to complete set packages. It’s rare to find a complete set that includes premium construction, the latest technology features, and a club length option for taller players, all at such an appealing price. It’s definitely a set to consider when you’re ready for new clubs.

Visit the PRO-X Product Page for more info.


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    Aspire golf clubs are manufactured by Precise Golf – they are based in California.

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    Who manufactures Aspire Golf Clubs and where are they made?

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