Precise M5 Mens 15-Piece Complete Golf Club Set Review

Precise M5 Mens 15-Piece Complete Golf Club Set Review

By GBB Staff


I have a nephew who’s thinking about taking up golf. So his father and I have been discussing which set of golf clubs to get him. He’s a good athlete and will probably become a good golfer...if he sticks with it. But with all of the other interests he has, it’s not yet a foregone conclusion that that he’ll develop a love of the game and devote the kind of time it takes to improve. Making a big investment in brand-name clubs at this point just seems a little bit “risky.”

So even though his Dad is reluctant to spend a lot on clubs for him now, until he’s convinced that he’s going to make a long-term commitment to golf, he still wants him to start out with a high-quality set that will allow him to take advantage of the latest technology features. Cutting corners on quality, just to save money, would be a mistake.

And then I learned about the Precise M5 and was able to demo them recently. This may just be the perfect solution for him.

It’s a Complete Set...Everything’s Included

First of all, the Precise M5 clubs come assembled in a complete set. I love this idea. Every single club that is needed comes pre-packaged in the set. That eliminates a huge headache for buyers, who would otherwise have to research every component and shop for each one separately, only to then have to shell out a small fortune for what the big-name manufacturers charge.

The folks at Precise have taken a different route. They’ve determined which clubs and which components are optimal for this level of golfer, and they’ve included all of them in the set. At an affordable price. The set doesn’t just include the woods and irons, though. It even comes with a putter, a golf bag, and the head covers! 

When this set comes in the mail, you’re ready to go. You can head straight to the course knowing that you have everything you’ll need. 

High Quality Components

I mentioned the importance of getting high-quality components. I must say that I was extremely impressed with the quality of the materials and the construction of the M5 clubs. They have a premium look and feel to them. And shots felt solid, with no unwanted vibrations.

I learned that the clubs are made with high-end, state-of-the-art materials. The driver uses 6/4 titanium, just like the very expensive drivers from the top name manufacturers, and the fairway woods and irons use 17-4 stainless steel (again, just like the big-name clubs).

Like I said, when it comes to golf clubs, you don’t want to cut corners on quality.  It’s evident that the engineers at Precise have designed and manufactured first-class clubs that are built to last.

Features Designed to Help You Play Better

Let’s face it. Most amateur golfers rarely make perfect golf swings. So for them, it pays to have golf clubs that are specifically designed to compensate for some of the deficiencies in their swings.

The golf industry has a term for these types of clubs. They are in a category called “Game Improvement,” aptly named because they have features that help higher handicap golfers play better golf.

The M5 set is loaded with these types of features. Let’s take a look at some of the more important ones, and how they will help amateur golfers to improve:


As I said, the M5 driver is made of high quality titanium. Titanium is a high-tech material that has the dual-characteristic of being both very light, but very strong. 

Due to its light overall weight, Precise engineers were able to design the head of the driver to be the maximum size allowed by USGA guidelines (460cc). This is a very important feature for higher handicappers. 

The larger the head of the M5 driver, the more “forgiving” it is when contact is made somewhere other than on the sweet spot. Rather than twisting open or closed at impact when shots are hit off the toe or the heel of the club face, the M5 driver remains stable, and provides good distance and accuracy despite the mis-hit.

Another important feature of the M5 driver is the strategic placement of the center-of-gravity (CG). One of the key factors in creating distance on a golf shot is getting a high ball flight. But many high handicap players struggle to get a proper trajectory on their drives, which robs them of distance. By placing the CG deep in the M5 driver head, the engineers were able to provide better launch conditions, allowing you to reclaim some of that lost distance.


One of the key features of the M5 irons is that they have a head that is “offset.” In an offset club, the head of the club has a leading edge that is set back from the shaft. This effectively places the club face behind where the shaft is attached to the clubhead (at the area called the hosel).

Why is the M5’s offset design helpful for high handicappers? Because it helps the 80-90% of amateurs who slice the ball to reduce their slice. An offset club helps to produce an impact position in which your hands are slightly ahead of the club head.

Also, this offset design gives the head a fraction more time for the club face to square up at impact. By offsetting the club face, impact with the ball is delayed a split-second longer, and that split second may be all that you need to square the club face and avoid a slice. 


Just as with the driver or the irons, a putt that is struck out toward the toe or in toward the heel can result in the face twisting open or closed at impact. A face that isn’t square at impact is the single biggest cause for putts being missed.

The makers of the M5 putter have addressed this problem by designing a mallet putter that has a very high “Moment of Inertia” (MOI). MOI is a fancy term that simply describes the extent to which a putter face will resist twisting when putts are mishit. Putters that have a high MOI, like the M5 putter, will remain stable at impact, regardless of where on the club face the putt is struck. In simple terms, the M5 putter will help you make more putts.

 Alignment is another critical issue in putting accuracy. The ability to set the putter face perfectly square to your intended line at address is another vital part of the equation in effective putting. Fact: 90% of starting a putt on line is proper face alignment.

Recognizing the importance of good alignment, Precise has placed a vivid and extremely effective alignment aid on the putter head to help golfers get the putter face aimed exactly at your target.

Two Length Options Available

Most of the complete set packages on the market come in a one-size-fits-all length.  It doesn’t matter if you’re 5’6” or if you’re 6’4”. Regardless of your height, those manufacturers expect you to conform your stance to their club length.

Not so with the Precise M5 set. These are one of very few sets in this price range that offer two different length options! 

  • For those who are 6’1” or less, the Standard length option is the appropriate choice.
  • For those who stand taller than 6’1”, a Tall option is available.

This is a great feature. Playing your best golf depends upon your ability to assume a proper stance. Bending too far over, or standing too erect, can have ripple effects throughout your entire motion, which can lead to swing flaws that make your ball striking less effective.  


I started this article by discussing the challenge of getting a set of golf clubs for my nephew. Our key buying criteria had been: getting clubs that were of high quality, getting clubs that had all of the latest technology and design features, buying a complete set that included everything he would need, and staying within a reasonable budget.

As you can probably tell by now, our choice for him was the Precise M5. This set ticked all of those boxes. So far, he absolutely loves these clubs and I can see that they are helping him to improve rapidly.

If you’re in a similar situation, looking for clubs for yourself or for someone else, and your decision factors are similar to the ones we had, I’d strongly encourage you to consider the M5 set.

Visit the M5 Product Page for more info.

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