How to Play Amazing Golf in the Winter

How to Play Amazing Golf in the Winter

By GBB Staff


Golf is a beloved sport that can be enjoyed year-round, but the colder winter months can present some challenges. However, with a little preparation and some modifications to your game, you can still have a great time on the course during the winter season.

In this article, we're going to share some tips on how to enjoy golf in the winter:

  • Dress appropriately: The key to staying comfortable and enjoying your round of golf in the winter is to dress in layers. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer, followed by a mid-layer for insulation, and top it off with a wind-resistant outer layer. Make sure to wear a hat, gloves, and warm socks to protect your head, hands, and feet from the cold. It’s also a good idea to bring extra layers in case you get cold on the course.
  • Use the right equipment: Golf balls don’t travel as far in the cold, so you may want to consider using a ball with a lower compression rating. Cold weather can also affect the grip on your clubs, so make sure to use grips that are in good condition and consider using a grip warmer or hand warmers in your gloves.
  • Warm up before you play: Just like any other physical activity, it’s important to warm up before hitting the course in the winter. Take a few practice swings and do some stretching to get your muscles ready for the round. It’s also a good idea to hit a few balls on the range to get a feel for the cold weather conditions.
  • Play smart: The winter weather can make the course more challenging, so it’s important to adjust your game accordingly. Aim for the middle of the fairway, as the grass is likely to be shorter and easier to hit from there. Take more club than you normally would to account for the cold weather, and be prepared for slower greens.
  • Stay hydrated: It’s easy to forget to stay hydrated in the cold, but it’s just as important as it is in the summer. Make sure to bring a water bottle with you and take sips regularly throughout your round.
  • Take breaks: If you start to get too cold, take a break and go inside to warm up. Many courses have indoor facilities where you can grab a hot drink or snack and thaw out for a bit.
  • Have fun: Above all, remember to have fun! Golf is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise in the winter, and a little cold weather can add to the challenge and enjoyment of the game.


Golf in the winter can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience with a little preparation and the right mindset. By dressing appropriately, using the right equipment, warming up before you play, adjusting your game for the colder weather, staying hydrated, and taking breaks as needed, you can have a great time on the course. So grab your clubs and hit the links this winter – you’ll be glad you did!

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