Aspire X1 Ladies 14-Piece Complete Golf Club Set Review

Aspire X1 Ladies 14-Piece Complete Golf Club Set Review

By GBB Staff


There are significant differences between golf clubs that are made for men and those that are made for women. Women golfers, particularly those who are newer to the game, will find themselves at a significant disadvantage if they ignore those differences and buy clubs that have been designed for men, or if they try to play with clubs that were previously used by a man and “handed down”.

If you’re a woman beginner to intermediate golfer contemplating the purchase of a new set of clubs, this article has been written specifically for you. In it, we’ll discuss the important distinctions that are found in women’s clubs and explain the reason for each of those design differences, and how they make the game of golf easier for you...and therefore more fun. 

But we’ll take that discussion one step further. Knowing that many of you may not have the time nor the inclination to evaluate, test and compare all the women’s sets on the market to determine which one would be best for you, we’ll make a recommendation based on our analysis of the various offerings available to you. We’ve looked at the market, tested most of the competing sets, and have zeroed in on a set that we feel “ticks all the boxes”. 

Based on our study of all the ladies golf sets for beginner to intermediate golfers, we feel confident in recommending the Aspire X1 Ladies Complete Set. Why do we recommend this particular set? Well, among several other reasons, the Aspire X1 set has all those features mentioned above that are essential to have in a ladies’ set. And you can get them at a very affordable price.

In the next section, we’ll describe those special design features that women should have in their golf clubs and explain why they’re important to you. 

Why Do Women’s Clubs Need to be Different Than Men’s Clubs?

Primarily, it comes down to the physical difference between men and women.  On average, women are usually shorter in stature than men and are generally not as strong. Because of this, their golf clubs need to be designed in a way that accommodates these differences. In brief, ladies’ clubs need to be shorter, lighter, and more flexible. 

Here’s a summary of the most important features that women golfers should look for in their next set of clubs (which, by the way, are all incorporated into the Aspire X1 Ladies Set): 

Shorter club length

Because of the average height differential between ladies and men, women’s clubs should be as much as 1-2 inches shorter than men’s. Playing with longer clubs that were designed for men can cause an incorrect stance and posture, resulting in the need to make compensating moves during the swing which can lead to inconsistency.

The Aspire X1 Set takes this one step further. In addition to having a shorter overall length designed for women, they offer two optional sizes: Standard and Petite. Women who are between 5’3” and 5’9” would order the Standard set while women who are 5’3” and below would order the Petite set. This availability of two optional lengths is a remarkable feature for a set in this price range. Usually, custom lengths are available only in much more expensive sets.

Lighter overall weight

One of the biggest factors in getting sufficient distance with your shots is having a reasonable amount of swing speed. Playing with clubs that are too heavy will limit how fast you can swing the club, which will rob you of valuable distance. This is perhaps the main reason why the use of men’s clubs is so ill-advised for women. Women’s clubs need to be lighter in overall weight to allow them to hit the ball higher and farther.

The Aspire X1 Set is designed to be much lighter overall.  This is accomplished through the use of lightweight graphite shafts in the woods and lightweight stainless steel shafts in the irons. They further lighten the overall club weight by using a thinner golf grip, appropriate for the size of women’s hands.

More flexible shafts

The flexibility of the shaft is often overlooked as a factor in making golf easier for women. If the shaft is too stiff, it makes it harder for women to generate the speed necessary to generate distance. Another result of shafts with insufficient flex are shots that always tend to fly off to the right due to an inability to square the club head at impact.

The Aspire X1 Set has shafts that are designed with a Ladies Flex. This means that they will provide the proper amount of “whippiness” that allows you to generate speed in your swing, and to release the club head properly through impact. Result? More distance and accuracy. 

Wider soles

It’s impossible to generate distance if the ball is consistently hit on a low trajectory. Getting the ball up in the air with a higher launch is essential to increasing its overall “carry.” To enable women to increase their launch angle, their clubs should come with a wider sole (the area on the bottom of the club head). By increasing the width of the sole, the club’s center-of-gravity is moved lower in the head, which helps to kick the ball higher up into the air.

The Aspire X1 irons are designed with a wide sole that will help you to launch the ball on a higher trajectory, which has a direct effect on distance.

Perimeter Weighting

It’s not uncommon for newer golfers to miss the sweet spot on the club face when they hit a shot. That’s to be expected, particularly when you’re just starting out. Unfortunately, however, missing the sweet spot comes with consequences. Mishit shots will fly shorter than they would normally travel on a well-struck shot, and they’ll frequently go offline as well.  

To compensate for this, club designers can re-allocate weight in the head, by shifting some of it toward the outer edges of the club head. By designing the head with this “perimeter weighting,” the club head will stay more stable on off center hits and the results will be almost as good as if you had made a solid strike.

The Aspire X1 irons are designed with this all-important perimeter weighting, increasing the “forgiveness” of the club so that the penalty for your mishits is not quite as severe.

Driver Forgiveness

Just as important as forgiveness in the irons, its important that the driver also minimizes the negative effect of shots that aren’t struck on the center of the club face.  To achieve this objective, manufacturers can design driver faces to have a high Moment of Inertia (MOI). MOI is term that refers to the club’s ability to stay stable even when shots are mishit toward the toe or toward the heel of the club. The result of using a driver with a high MOI? Longer and straighter shots even on less than perfect strikes.

The Aspire X1 driver has an extremely high MOI that will “forgive” the inevitable mishits. All golfers will appreciate this feature of the Aspire X1 driver, but particularly the who tend to miss the sweet spot more often.


The Aspire X1 Ladies Golf Clubs, a Complete Set for Beginner to Intermediate Golfers

It can be intimidating and time consuming to try to assemble a set of golf clubs from scratch. First you need to research and shop for the driver and the other woods. Then you need to do the same for the irons, followed by the wedges and the putter. And don’t forget about the golf bag. hat takes a lot of commitment for golfers who may not yet have the knowledge to distinguish one set from another.

The answer? The Aspire X1 is referred to as a “complete” set because it comes pre-packaged with everything you’ll need. When you receive this set, all you’ll need to do before heading out to the course is to get some golf balls!

The feedback that has been received on this set almost always highlights this as one of the best features of this set.

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking about taking up the game of golf, you should make sure that the clubs that you buy are designed to accommodate the unique aspects of a woman’s golf swing, and in so doing, make the game a bit easier for you...and a lot more fun. 

Our research has led us to recommend the Aspire X1 Complete Set as a set that provides all the important design features for women beginner and intermediate golfers, pre-assembled in a total package that includes everything you’ll need and offered at a price that is far less than if you were to assemble a set from scratch on your own. This is a high-quality set that will help you to improve your game and it will last you for years.

Visit the X1 Product Page for more info.

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